Byvanta —Quick UX / #Ally Redesign

Welcome to Byvanta. A proposed e-commerce platform for small and medium sized businesses to scale and reach more customers, worldwide.

The screen grab below was the initial design for the landing screen, simple and straight to the point. However, the simplicity lacked identity in terms of visual cues and overall appeal, which in the long term won’t serve the business. So, I decided to revamp the design with the 10 Principles for Good Design by Dieter Rams and Inclusion in mind.

Problem: oversimplified landing page, no visual identity. What is Byvanta? Potential users weren’t sold on the landing page as they didn’t know what Byvanta was selling or trying to sell.

Screen grab of Byvanta’s initial home page
Initial home page

Changes made:

Holistic Living is the active link in focus as indicated by the underline

Alternative text copies/considerations: having worked across several multinational teams, one of the common accessibility failure is insufficient or no alternative text in images that are perceived by screen readers and when images don’t have alt texts, screen readers like JAWS for example, tend to read out the image url/source code to the users, which leads to a bad experience for the user because the information is gibberish and means nothing but there’s no way for the user to know this unless they’re a seasoned screen reader user and can navigate around the image. So, it was important to create alt text copies for images that will be used across the site. This basically reduces the amount of WCAG failures further than the line by creating a copy that will be consistent and ready for the designer/developer to include when the website is being implemented.

Final/current redesign of Byvanta

Redesigned landing page
Home page redesign

That’s all for now. I intend to actively add more projects / redesigns to this platform as I create them and make time to document the process.



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